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Revisiting classic playing cards. A pretentious idea? No, simply a funny idea I had in mind for many years.

What's new with K6T?

  • There are 6 suits. All have a different color. Clubs are turning green and Diamonds are turning orange
  • The new suits are blue Moons and purple Stars. The Moons are footed as the Clubs and the Spades. The Stars have a sharp bottom as the Diamonds and the Hearts

  • In every suit, pips go from 1 to 12. So, 11 and 12 are added

  • There is a 0 too. But, a void card would be silly. 0's are also Jokers

  • Some playing cards decks have Aces, other have a 1. In K6T, there are both, 1's and Aces. 1 is worth less than 2, Ace is the strongest card of the suit

  • There is 6 different courts in every suit. They use the 6 Chess figures. The Jack (J) is the lowest, it is represented by a pawn. The King (K) is the strongest, only the Ace is above him. King is followed by he Queen (Q)
  • As in Tarot decks, a Knight or Cavalier (C) is the 4th court. The Cavalier ranks just above the Jack
  • Above the Cavalier there is the Bishop (B), then the Rook (R)

  • A full suit is then made of 20 cards:



Then, K6T is made of 120 cards, 6 suits of 20



K6T: back of the cards


Rules of games with K6T deck


K6T is available from two on-demand US printers. The quality is professional. The cards are printed with High resolution. They are US poker size (2.5"x3.5") on premium paper (11.6pt, 320gsm, UV coating). They are well opaque, rigid and slip very well.

The two sites are:


120 Cards (Premium US Poker)



120 Cards (Poker size, Linen Texture + UV coating)


There is also a French version on where the courts have a French initial: R (Roi), D (Dame), T (Tour), F (Fou), C (Cavalier), V (Valet) available on:




You may also contact me:


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