K6T-Infinity is a deck of 240 cards. It is the full collection of K6T cards, the rank extension now up to 24, both symbol and portrait courts, a half-point card, a special infinity card, all of these for the 6 colored suits!

This large deck includes:

K6T: the standard deck with 120 cards, 6 suits
In every suit, ranks go from 1 to 12.
A 0 that can be a Joker.
Both 1's and Aces. 1 is the weakest, Ace is the strongest card. 6 different courts in every suit using symbolic chess figures (Jack, Cavalier, Bishop, Rook, Queen, King).

The 13 to 18 extension: additional ranks in the 6 suits
19 to 24 in the 6 suits, exclusively in K6T-Infinity
The Faces extension: series of the 6 courts with original historical portraits
The Half-point rank, a very low value.

The Infinity cards, which are either a second Joker or the inverse of the 0.

K6T-Stout Box: a nice professional tuck bock that contains all 234 cards. (This box is twice thicker than the regular K6T-Box)

A full suit is then made of 39 cards:

With K6T deck you can play original card games or invent your own ones.
The quality is professional with linen texture and UV coating.